Janine Gallery Industri has just opened its doors at the new Santa Fe location.

I am pleased and proud to have my work on the walls of this beautiful space.
It is just a great location in the Railyard Arts District which is home to many of the best contemporary galleries in the Southwest.



Janine Gallery Industri / Janine Stern representing Cathe Physioc / Mixed-Media Graffiti art

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Cathe opened her first one-woman-show at Janine Contemporary Industri Gallery on August 1st.

Cathe Physioc Gallery Invite

Cathe Physioc Gallery Opening

Cathe Physioc at her gallery opening on August 1, 2015.

Cathe Physioc Conni Williams Guadalupe Goler

Conni Williams, collector from Palm Desert, CA and Durango, CO and Guadalupe Goler of Goler Shoes in Santa Fe with the artist, Cathe talking about the passionate, political graffiti of Buenos Aires.

Cathe Physioc Gallery Opening Guests

Conni Williams, Teri Redack, Janine Stern, Cathe Physioc, Jay Redack, John Stern and Robert Berkelo gather at the opening for tapas and sangria catered by La Boca, Santa Fe.




Cathe Physioc Michele Holloway Helene Pfeffer

Michele Holloway Henry and Helene Pfeffer listen to Cathe talk about the concept of mixed media graffiti series… “Nothing says yesterday and today like silver spray paint on crumbling plaster.”














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