Graffiti Art by Cathe Physioc


From the vibrant walls of Buenos Aires.


The most incredible graffiti covers almost every square foot of reachable architecture in the city of Buenos Aires. It is like a giant vibrantly bold backdrop to modern B.A. These walls do talk. I had never been to Argentina before and we spent several weeks in and around Buenos Aires. I always had my camera, but found that I was taking a lot of walks by myself and focusing on the graffiti. At the end of the trip, these images were the ones that most impressed me… and my critics. (These and the cemetary photos – I love photographing cemetaries)


I actually love them all. The Urban Playground photograph I find particularly compelling. The foreground shows a pigeon in flight and an abandoned child’s swing. The background is a frenetic kaleidoscope of urban color. Contrasts.

Isabel A.

Buenos Aires, Argentina & New York City, Galeria Isabel Anchorena