About the Artist

Although Cathe Physioc has worked with and directed some of the top professional photographers in Los Angeles since 1982, she didn’t actually pick up a camera herself seriously until she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2008. It was love at first click. Her passion for the outdoors and travel, her keen design eye and artistic talent, her love of art and photography combined to evolve into a series of mixed media ‘photo paintings’. These images have been chosen from her portfolio because they have the key elements of good design.

The elements that make a great painting, that make any really good piece of art are visual harmony and composition. Balance and value are key; contrast adds impact. This is especially true for photography. Those are the very reasons these images are so appealing and beautiful, and why they work for these ‘photo-paintings’.

Cathe Physioc starts with selecting a photograph from her portfolios that will keep its integrity throughout the process. She manipulates it until the desired artistic impression is achieved. Each image is then printed by a professional art printer on heavy archival watercolor paper (this is to insure against aging and fading. It also allows the the image to be reproduced in several sizes). Using different mediums, such as oil paint, oil and graphite pencils, wax, turpentine and knives, she then works on the printed piece to enhance and strengthen the image and individualize it.

Cathe finishes by embellishing and personalizing each piece. Therefore – though it is a printed photograph at its core, the photo painting ends as a unique ‘one-of-a-kind’ work of art.